South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world, teeming with natural beauty, fascinating cultures and an interesting history that will keep you spell bound.

South Africa’s hugely varied terrain is home to a rich diversity of animals, birds, and plant-life. Sun, wind, rain, rivers and the opposing influences of two currents, one cold, the other warm, have sculpted vistas of awe-inspiring landscapes and the most diverse game sanctuaries in the world, offering you an incomparable range of experiences – an African masterpiece.

Whether you opt for Afro-chic or authentic Africa, you’ll find it easy to get around and with the welcoming hospitality awaiting you everywhere a holiday to South Africa is guaranteed to be an unforgettable one.


Namibia never fails to enthral its visitors. In addition to having a striking diversity of cultures, Namibia is a photographer’s dream – boasting wild seascapes, rugged mountains, lonely deserts, stunning wildlife and colonial cities. Time and space are less defined here. Watch a lion stalking its prey on an endless plain in Etosha or zip down one of the many dunes on a sandboard. Spend a night in the desert under a starlit sky or explore the massive 500 m deep Fish River Canyon, one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders.

Enthralling Namibia contains a notable infrastructure of well-kept roads, a wide range of accommodations, hearty food and drinkable water – making a Namibia holiday an unforgettable experience.


Botswana is one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations offering safe, exciting safaris to explore the true wilderness.

Botswana is a ‘year round’ destination and with its wide open spaces and sparse population it offers a welcome retreat from mass tourism, offering an intimate and game rich safari away from the crowds. The natural beauty of Botswana is found in its land formations, its wilderness, wildlife and its cultural diversity. To travel Botswana offers a unique authentic African experience in its natural state.

Botswana has one of the largest varieties as well as concentrations of wild animals in the world and is a birders paradise. If there’s a place where one wishes time could stand still, it is in the beautiful country of Botswana.


Zambia, the land of the legendary African walking safari, earth’s widest waterfall, the wild Zambezi River, remarkable lakes and wetlands, abundance of birds, amazing wildlife, and raw, pulsating wilderness!

Zambia boasts without doubt some of Africa’s largest water resources contributing to rich grass land which sustains villages and wildlife alike. Not only is Zambia the land of glorious sunsets, friendly people, ancient traditions and mystic legends, it also offers nature at its wildest and most exquisite.

In Zambia you will come pretty close to discovering the ‘real’ Africa of your dreams.


Mozambique has regained its position at the forefront of the international tourism scene and is now, once again, one of the most attractive and intriguing tourist destinations in Southern Africa, with stunning beaches, excellent diving and magical offshore islands. Snorkelling around the Bazaruto Archipelago, sailing on a dhow through mangrove channels and lazing under the palms in the Quirimbas Archipelago, are some of the attractive and recommendable options available on your holiday.

Mozambique provides an interesting contrast to other countries in Southern Africa, with its rare blend of African, Arab and Portuguese influences. The Mediterranean charm lives on within a fun-loving African setting, creating an atmosphere that is unique within the region.


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